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Jody  Bruns, CDLP

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President, Divorce Lending Association

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"Don't think of buying a home as a financial investment where you need to time it just perfectly. If you want to buy a house, make it because you want to buy a home.  You buy a home when it feels right for you!" ..... Jody


Listen to my interview with Mandy Walker, Divorce Coach/Mediator/PC-DM: "Divorcing Your Mortgage."


It's important to remember that a mortgage is not a stand alone deal. It can impact all areas of your client's life. It affects estate planning, tax planning and financial planning. It's crucial now more than ever to include a mortgage review in your client's annual reviews!


With over 25 years experience in finance and mortgage lending, I implement my experience and knowledge of  current real estate trends and conditions to help my clients maximize the true potential of their real estate investments—whether they own or are purchasing a single property or restructuring a larger real estate portfolio of both residential and commercial properties.



Whether working directly with financial planners, estate and asset management attorneys, divorcing couples, real estate investors or first time homebuyers—I am the perfect extension to your team.


With frequent appearances and speaking engagements for financial planners, Chicago Bar Association, Colorado State Bar Association, Stewart Title, Chicago Title Company, Real Estate Brokers and more, I am well recognized as a leading resource for real estate financial strategies.


As a homeowner or buyer, you want a seasoned mortgage professional who understands your personal and financial goals while offering you mortgage options that help you meet those goals.


As an attorney, financial planner or real estate professional, you want an experienced mortgage partner who represents you well and who is not only results oriented but who can provide the knowledge and experience you deserve.


I look forward to working with you on your mortgage financing needs! Call me anytime at 720.692.7241 or email me at


                                                                                                    ................... Jody


The history of appreciation has always been of interest to me and it’s a great way to explain the stability and/or cycles of real estate to your clients. Here is a link to an interactive map of the U.S. Housing Price Appreciation (Last Quarter; Last Year; Last 5 years and more)


Click on the interactive map above to open up the history of appreciation.

Most of us can say that without the support of our peers and the professional organizations to which we belong, we would not be nearly as successful with our careers. Professional organizations allow for a congregation of intelligent, like-minded professionals. I am proud to say that I am an active member of the following professional organizations.